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Formación en rede

Online training at Tagen Ata

What is Formación en Rede?

It's an online training group that offers all the services that will be essential in a new world of training and education: platforms, courses, contents, tools...

In formacionenrede you will have a space to be trained and get information.

Where do we come from?

We are related to social economy and cooperativism, technological learning and communication... That is, we create knowledge in all those areas which are relevant to current professional and social development.

We were born with the cooperative Tagen Ata to follow a path of collaborations and shared projects.

And you? Would you like to engage in this too?

If you want to join formacionenrede, go to the collaboration section. We are here to create step by step a project of common interests where many of you can participate by creating courses, learning or even taking part in a new community.


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